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Bounce back from stress FASTER - with HEalth COACHING

Do you feel you're at an inflection point in your life? That you've worked hard, but your effort has also taken a toll?  Whether you feel exhausted, burned out, anxious, struggle with insomnia or work-life balance, you are here because you are ready for change.  And my goal as a national board-certified health & wellness coach is to help you replenish your energy faster, restore equilibrium - and live with greater ease, joy and wellbeing.

My name is Wendy Padob and as CEO/founder of WP Creative Wellness, I coach adult men and women across the U.S., who experience high levels of chronic stress, often due to work, relationships or health issues, to bounce back faster and thrive - especially in times of transition and uncertainty. 

I invite you to explore the transformative power of coaching and how it can improve the quality of your life. Contact Wendy to schedule a complimentary consultation. My personalized approach is unique, evidence-based and crafted specifically for each individual. And to ensure a perfect fit, I offer a 30-minute introductory session, absolutely free of charge.  

Wendy Padob, CEO and Executive Health and Wellness Coach at WP Creative Wellness provides virtual and in-person coaching services to clients in New York, across all U.S. States and globally.


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