"Wendy has a wonderful and unique approach to mental health and wellness. She has been instrumental in my journey to find contentment, set boundaries, and drastically reduce/eliminate overwhelm and burnout. Thank you, Wendy!"

Joseph H. 42, New York

"Wendy is an outstanding coach - warm, insightful, creative and fun to be around. Best of all, she's challenging when needed and always supportive. Her guidance gave me just the right push at the right time to make a difficult transition in my career. She helped me stay on track with my weight and exercise goals, eat healthier and turn around my poor sleep and thinking habits. The goal setting and mindfulness skills are tools I will use the rest of my life. I can't recommend her enough!"   

Donna J. 48, New York

"Wendy is a warm, trustworthy and highly skilled coach. Her stress coaching program is a must for anyone looking to restore and renew themselves - especially if they do high stress work or suffer from chronic stress. Fortunately, I found her and coaching in time before burning out and losing my job. Thanks, Wendy! "

David, 51, California  

"How much can you expect from a coaching call? More than you could ever imagine! When I scheduled my discovery session with Wendy, I felt stuck and greatly lacking in direction. I wasn't sure what issues to address as my life was stressful on so many levels. But Wendy is a real pro with a laser focus and easygoing style. She helped me identify areas that would best serve our time together. I signed up for her Ascend program, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Sessions were fun, informative and productive. I highly recommend giving her a go! "  

Susan S., 28, New Jersey

"I was at a crossroads in my life: loved and hated my job which was causing me sleepless nights and anxiety. I was also bringing work home and had little energy left for family or friends  I looked for help and coaching couldn't have come at a better time. Not only did I learn to reduce stress, I refocused my priorities and feel optimistic about my future. Wendy is a masterful coach! "

Mark S., 55, Michigan

"Although I've never suffered from a lack of energy, I felt stressed and exhausted from parenting and working, while trying to finish my degree.  In just a few months of coaching, I learned to make time for myself and bring relaxation, breathing and mindfulness into my busy life.  I feel recharged and confident; like myself again. Thank you Wendy!  You are a truly gifted coach with a unique way of listening and honing in a person's real passions."

Maria B., 34, Washington, DC   

"Wendy's positive, strengths-based approach to coaching consistently encouraged me to find the energy and confidence to push past my obstacles. I felt motivated to work hard as I know she works hard to help me get healthier. She always goes the extra mile, and does so with a sturdy warmth, humor, encouragement and respect for where I am in my journey."         

Deb B., 61, North Carolina

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Wendy Padob, CEO and Executive Health and Wellness Coach at WP Creative Wellness provides virtual and in-person coaching services to clients in New York, across all U.S. States and globally.


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