The Stress-Sugar Connection©

Brain Stress-Sugar Connection

An Exclusive Podcast Series By Wendy Padob, NBC-HWC and Cathy Ormon

What drives us to crave or eat sweets when we feel stressed? This in-depth series unravels the complex relationship between stress and sugar – and how we can unplug from unhealthy habits. National board-certified health & wellness coach, Wendy Padob, shares the latest neuroscience and behavioral change tools with Cathy Ormon, author-host of The Sugar Switch Podcast. Tune in and learn how you can reduce high stress and sugar levels naturally - and switch on control to create a more mindful, healthy lifestyle.

Part 1: The Science Key Topics:
• Why stress causes sugar cravings and can lead to addiction
• Stress-sugar imbalance, what is going on in the body and long-term effects
• Retraining stress reactions and cravings for sugar
• Assessing stress-sugar habits and 7 strategies for improving or changing them

Don't have time to listen? Read The Stress-Sugar Connection, Part 1 Transcript
Part 2: The Warning Signs

Key Topics:
• Spotting signs of stress-sugar imbalance, physically, mentally and emotionally
• The ‘domino effect’ if warning signs are ignored
• How habits can spiral out of control and switch on health issues
• 10 tips for reducing stress and sugar cravings naturally

Don't have time to listen? Read The Stress-Sugar Connection, Part 2 Transcript
Part 3: Switch On Control

Key Topics:
• Identifying daily stressors in your life 
• Noticing stress, food and mood triggers, and how to change your reactions 
• 7 lifestyle choices or healthy habits to form 
• The secret to taking action and staying motivated to maintain changes

Don't have time to listen? Read The Stress-Sugar Connection, Part 3 Transcript


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